It’s time to build a brand that stands out and brings a unique style to your company. Specializing in the style, beauty and retail industries I am here to help you create a fashionable and classic look for your brand. Make that investment and let’s start building your unique brand identity.


Shah XO

So @brandedbykari ...this all around amazing graphic designer/artist/so much more.... is responsible for hands on work building my website, logo's, merch etc. She is truly gifted and if you need your brand to look hot while representing the real you... You need to reach out to her!

Diella Designs

Tasha Odunuyi

I am extremely happy with the services of DK Creative after having another logo designed by someone else I wasn't happy with. She listened to my concerns and within 24 hours sent my first draft. I've had logos designed before and don't think I've ever had someone nail it the first round! The service was professional and the quality of her work is amazing. I'd highly recommend her!

Penthouse Visions

Nasir Abdul-Aleem

From consultation to delivery Saudia is one of the best graphic designers I know. As a creative I have a discerning taste in visuals and Saudia exceeds my expectations every time. I can't speak her praises and I would recommend her to anyone in need of branding or any graphic design services. Her professionalism is unchallenged and her eye to design is top 5.


Ross Armstrong

4thfloor has been creating with Saudia since 2015 and she is the most CREATIVE visionary that we have had he pleasure to work with. She has this thing that she does where she converts your thoughts into something real and gives it a accurate visual! She takes brands to the next level!


I guess I could write a million paragraphs with hundreds of technical words to creatively describe who I am and what I do, but honestly, its a waste of time. So let’s just focus on what matters … my name is Saudia Sakari (Dia kari) and I am a brand curator. I believe that your brand should be a reflection of your everyday life and vice versa. I love music, food, makeup, home decor and nature & thats where I draw most of my inspiration from. My niche (where I fucking rock) is the beauty / style / entertainment industry, I build pretty brands for beautiful (inside and out) people. And as you may have noticed my language is just as colorful as my design.